The 21st Meeting of ISCGM

2014-08-05: The 21st meeting of ISCGM was successfully concluded. >> Go to Page !!

Activity of Global Mapping Project

International Steering Committee for Global Mapping (ISCGM), in cooperation with relevant organizations of respective countries and regions around the world, has been working for the Global Mapping Project, an effort to develop, provide and promote the use of geospatial information necessary for addressing global challenges, including environmental problems and disaster prevention, and advancing sustainable development of the world.

What's New

2014-10-17: Global Map Togo Version 2 is Released

2014-09-25: NewsLetter No.75 is up

2014-08-05: ISCGM rules was amended in the 21th meeting of ISCGM.

2014-08-05: Global Map V.2 (Global Version, Elevation) is released

2014-08-05: ISCGM website was newly redesigned!

2014-08-05: Disaster Situation Maps of “Zhaotong, Yunnan, China” are up

2014-07-01: Global Map New Zealand Version 2 is Released

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